Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestions for Halloumi

Halloumi is a fresh cheese that you cook.  It is from the same family as mozzarella (pasta filata) but unlike mozzarella it holds its shape when cooked.  It has a unique squeaky texture – so don’t be surprised by this unusual characteristic when you first try it. There are many recipes that use halloumi or you can simply pan fry, grill or bbq and eat on its own.

Our halloumi is less salty than most New Zealand made halloumi (so please don’t soak it before use like some recipes suggest).  When cooked it has a soft creamy centre encased in a golden crust.

For best results slice into fish-finger sized slices or 20mm cubes and pan fry, grill or bbq until golden-brown on each side.  Halloumi must be served hot.

Be warned:  Once tried it is very moreish.

 Serving suggestions:

  • Toss into a salad with lemon/lime and a dash of pepper
  • Loves Mediterranean flavours – especially mint
  • On skewers with cherry tomatoes
  • In stacks with aubergine and a fresh tomato and capsicum sauce
  • As brunch with cooked tomatoes and mushrooms
  • With diced watermelon
  • Kids love it – which makes it a fantastic fast meal idea for busy families
  • As the protein source in a vegetarian meal


1-4°C.  Once opened cover with clingfilm and keep in airtight container for up to seven days.



  • Cutting to order for your special occasion
  • Putting together a mouth-watering cheeseboard that includes seasonal/dried fruits, nuts, condiments, breads and crackers to suit your budget
  • Creating a made-to-order gift basket to surprise and delight