Mega Medal Haul at NZ Cheese Awards 2020

Grinning Gecko Cheese Company’s success story continues after it was announced  that we had won a whopping 11 medals at the 2020 NZ Champions of Cheese Awards. We’ve never entered so many cheeses before, so were blown away by the results. The company employs six and the team hand-makes all their cheeses from certified organic milk, sourced fresh from a local farm.  

Our famous Camembert, that earned us a gold at the International Cheese Awards in the UK last year, was awarded Gold at the NZ competition. It has never been without a medal since it was first entered back in 2014. Our Brie, Halloumi, Feta and Marore won silver medals. Our Havarti style cheeses; Woolleys Bay, Cumin & Garlic, Hot Chilli, Caraway Seed and Haurangi all received Bronze Medals.   

Two of the medal winners; Marore, a whey-washed cheese, and Haurangi, a wine-soaked cheese are the newest additions to the Grinning Gecko Cheese range.  “It is always such a thrill to see our new cheeses being recognised on a national level so early on in their development”, says owner Catherine McNamara. The Haurangi was soaked in Mudbrick Onetanga Valley Syrah and has been a hit over the summer months where it was exclusively available at the Archive Restaurant and Bar on Waiheke Island.

Our most recent medal success adds to the many other awards we’ve received, both nationally and internationally, over the last 7 years Grinning Gecko has been producing cheese. “We have a collective passion for high quality food made with care and aroha, and I am incredibly proud of the team here at Grinning Gecko” says Catherine.  “Now with the global COVID-19 pandemic it is even more important than ever to make sure we protect our own food security by supporting our local producers”.